What is vaccination and it’s principle

The process through which our body’s immunity increased against a particular pathogen (organism which form the disease) or antigen, is known as immunization. Immunity can be acquired or can be gained by natural process. Immunization is mainly two types-Passive immunization and Active immunization. These are done by many different ways. One of the most successful process of immunization is vaccination. It is one type of active immunization which can be gained by application of vaccine.

VACCINATION: It is a process of immunization, where the immunity is produced in an organism against a particular disease by injecting non-pathogenic, dead or inactive pathogen (organism, forming the disease) or antigen or by injecting any toxoid released from the pathogen.

These inactive or dead pathogen or the toxoid substances, injecting the organism to build immunity against the particular disease, is called vaccine. Vaccine provide protection against disease.

Edward Jenner is considered as the founder of vaccination. In 1796 he invented the vaccine of smallpox.

vaccination to build immunity.

PRINCIPLE: The main principle of vaccination is to establish immunity against a particular pathogen of a disease.

The primary aim of vaccination is to build protective immunity (both humoral and cell mediated). Humoral immunity is mediated by antibodies, produced by immunization and are effective against the extracellular pathogen and their toxoid products. Where the Cell-mediated immunity is mediated by T-cell and macrophages and also induced by vaccination.  

Vaccines provide us a long-life efficiency to fight against disease with a single dose or some times it requires some booster dose which should be appropriately administered. Booster dose helps to strengthen and lengthen the duration of the immunity, produced by the vaccine.

Vaccination is a flourishing invention of medical science, which helps us to fight against many pathogenic microbes by increasing our immunity and protect us from various disease. It makes us healthier and provide strength.  

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