How to deal with anxiety

Anxiety is a disorder of our mental health mainly causes by extreme stress of work or tension or fear or other reasons. So it is very important for us to learn how to deal with anxiety to get rid of it.

Anxiety, the common problem.
Anxiety, the common problem.

In present days we are very busy in our life for our busy work schedule and forget to interact with people surrounding us. So, when some problems come in our life, we are bound to deal with them alone. From this loneliness fear, stress, depression starts and gradually it appears as anxiety.

Man in anxiety
Man in anxiety

Today’s day most of the people in this word suffering from anxiety for many causes like; bad economic condition, extreme workload, in student: fear for exam’s, problems in relations, tension, over thinking and other reason.

There are many recommended ways to get rid of anxiety. But if you want an instant solution to beat anxiety then you should apply these following steps:

1.DO MEDITATION: Meditation is a well-known exercise for our brain. When we meditate our brain charged up, which can positively impact our mental health. Meditation increase our attention span and helps us to focus or concentrate on a task. It also reduces our stress and make prepared our mind to handle undesirable conditions and keep our mind tension free. It is a strong weapon to beat anxiety.

do meditation to beat anxiety
Do meditation to beat anxiety

2. DO YOGA OR EXERCISE: Our mental health has a deep connection with our physical health. So, it is mandatory to be fit and healthy to keep our mind calm. To control our anxiety, we should maintain a regular yoga practice. Yoga or exercise increase our flexibility and builds muscle strength and also increase our immunity. It increases blood circulation throughout the body and makes us energetic to follow our daily routine freely and gives us strength to fight against all stresses.     

do exercise to get prepare to fight against anxiety
Do exercise and get prepare to fight against anxiety

3. TAKE AT LEAST 7-8 HOURS OF SLEEP: A tight night sleep is not only important for our physical health but also important for our mental health. A good sleep is a complete rest of body and brain. Poor sleep increases the risk of having poor health and produce mental problems such as stress, depression and anxiety. So, we must take at least 7 to 8 hours sleep at night. Go early to bed at night and try to weak up early in the morning.

4.LEAVE THE HOME CORNER: In case of anxiety disorder, try to avoid loneliness. Mostly try to be attached with nature. Nature makes us feel better. We might have noticed that being in nature can improve our mode and control our anger also increase happiness. So, if you are a patient of anxiety you must try to leave the home corner and go out for a little walk or for a trip in beach, mountain, or any peaceful places, wherever you can feel the natural beauty.      

5.DON`T KEEP ANY THOUGHT IN YOUR MIND: The thought in your mind which hunts you or gives you stress, don`t keep it insude, go and frankly discuss your problems with your friends and family members. If there is nobody to hear you or support you then write it down a paper.

6.TRY TO THINK POSITIVELY: If you are an anxiety patient, you should try to train your mind to sort out the positive thing in every matter. It’s really  helpful to keep your mind stress free. Try to enjoy every moment  of life.    

enjoy every moment of life do not give up hope.
enjoy the every moment of life, do not give up hope.

7.TRY TO KEEP YOURSELF BUSY:Try to keep yourself busy most of the time in day.Don`t spend lots of free time. When you have nothing to do the bad thoughts start to grow and gradually it makes you worried.Even in your free time you can read a book whatever you want, you can clean your surrounding, do plantation, or can help someone. It is really helpful against overthiking.

spread love and be loved
spread love and be loved

If you want you can also consult with your doctor and can take medicine as prescribed.

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