Function of Golgi-body

In the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells (both plant and animal cell) a membrane bound tubular or sac like organism is located near the nucleus is known as Golgi body. The main function of Golgi body is protein sorting. But their are many other function of Golgi-body.

Golgi apparatus was discovered by Camillo Golgi (an Italian biologist), in 1898.

Golgi body is consisting of four types of membranous parts as-Cisternae or lamelae ,Tubules, Vesicles and Vacuole.

Location: Golgi apparatus is located on the cytoplasm just after the nucleus. And present both in animal and plant cells.

FUNCTION: The main function of Golgi body is protein sorting and export of protein from Golgi apparatus. Protein processing with in Golgi involves the modification and synthesis of the carbohydrate portion of glycoprotein. After the modification, the protein is exported to the appropriate cellular locations.

Location and function of Golgi-body

  • Smooth endoplasmic reticulum and some biomolecules such as lipid entered into the Golgi apparatus and transported to the secretory vesicles along with the secretory pathway.
  • The primary lysosomes are secreted from Golgi body and transported all over the cytoplasm.
  • Golgi body also helps in the secretion of some enzymes, hormones, mucus etc.
  • It also acts as a storage of fat, proteins and minerals.
  • Golgi body also plays a vital role in fertilization indirectly. It helps in the formation of acrosome, present in the head region of the sperm which is very important in fertilization.


 * ZONE OF EXCLUSION: There is no other cellar organelles such as mitochondria, ribosome, chloroplast, or other storage materials are present on the cytoplasm near the Golgi apparatus, these clear region surroundings the Golgi apparatus is known as zone of exclusion.

*Dictyosome: The cisternae of Golgi-apparatus become vuscularized and form a net like membrane bound cavities and is known as dictyosome. These structure is modified for protein sorting.

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