Function of antibody

Antibodies are circulating multifunctional soluble glycoprotein which are produced by the plasma cells mainly the plasma B-cells in response to an antigen.  These proteins are known as globulin for their globular structure. These are also known as immunoglobulin and play the key role in our immune system. It performs various function but the main function …

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Dendritic cells function

Dendritic cells are bone marrow derived cell which play a critical function in inducing the immune response and similar to the dendrites of the nerve cells in appearance. Dendritic cells are act as antigen presenting cells (APC) and present antigenic peptide to the naive T-cell. Dendritic cells acquired their name because they are covered with …

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Function of Macrophages in immune system

Macrophages are specialised phagocytic cells derived from the blood monocytes (one type of white blood cells) which facilitate the destruction of the extracellular antigen and other pathogenic substances by phagocytosis and also act as antigen presenting cell (APC) and processed and present peptide antigen to the naïve T-cell and activate it. Macrophages are mainly two …

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